Global Draw Project

The GlobalDrawProject connects and visualizes connection


The GlobalDrawProject has been initiated by Art-in-use, that is founded by artist Claudia Volders and projectmanager Zinze Siegerink. They want to offer a visualisation of everything that it is possible to achieve by linking up with ‘others’.
By doing so, a base is provided for the abstract concept of ‘a link’ and it is hoped that in so doing, contributions may be made to shape a sustainable new way of thinking.

The practical implementation of the project worked as follows:
1. First, we started with one original art work, which has been scanned and mailed to four artists from the Euregion. They developed the received artwork by interpreting it, reacting to it visually and continuing to work on it in their own style on the printed work they received.
2. Then they digitally forwarded it to yet another four artists (worldwide) who went through the same process. The original artworks that are made have been returned to the project’s base of operations in Limburg, where all original artworks have been gathered.

IMG_1899 2
Claudia Volders and Alma Wattimena facilitate the dialogue withe audience and artists

In total 85 art works originated. At the end a digital and physical exhibition followed. The physical exhibition has been held at the Oude Stadsgalerij in Heerlen, at 19 januari 2017. presenting both the original artworks and the enlarged prints of them. The entire project process has been monitored and distributed via this website and social media, through which the digital exhibition can also be viewed.

Dialogue and reflection
During the opening of the exhibition founder and artist Claudia Volders and facilitator Alma Wattimena invited the audience and the artists to get in dialogue with each other.  Therefore space and time were created around the wall with the 85 artpieces of the 85 artists around the world. A 1,5 hour duration dialogue inspired the audience, the founders and the artists.

The project itself inspired the artists to go beyond their own limitations. Some of . the reacted with:

“It feeled against the cultivated nature of me as an artist to paint on or remove parts of the works of another artist. It made me realize how much I wanted to respect the other one versus the respect I feel for my own autonomy.”

“I needed to understand what this feeling of competition in the world of art means to me. When competition gets involved in our world, it feels that the art you create is not genuine anymore.”



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